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Plymouth to Dakar-2004

day 1. ferry from Plymouth to St Malo

2. drive to border with Spain,   960km

3. through Spain to Sotogrande,  960km

4. rest and repairs in Gibraltar

5. ferry to Morroco, drive to Rabat, 277km

6. drive to Marrakech, 328km 

7. rest and repairs

8. drive to Agadir,  275km

9. drive to Laayoune,  693km

10. drive to Dakhla, 561km 

11. drive to Nouadhibou, 461km 

12. rest and repairs

13. into the desert, 176km

14. through desert to coast, 192km

15. along coast to Nouakchott ,  149km

16. drive to St Louis302km

17. rest and repairs

18. rest and repairs

19. drive to Toubacouta, Senegal541km 

20. drive to the Gambia ,  64km 

21. car auction, fly home from Banjul

total 6000 km

map 'borrowed' from the official plymouth-dakar website - click here here to go there

but Trudi and I started from Berlin, so our total was just over 7000 km