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Plymouth to Dakar-2004


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Robert Brown
07/01/04 10:36:30

The Clueless Racers, exchanges co drivers with Team englishouse, and finally discover phone reception again. Waiting for police escort to Gambia with appalling hangover.

Andy Fuller
28/12/03 20:39:36

Team englishouse, arrived in Dakhla earlier this afternoon and are presently staying in the charmingly ramshackle Hotel Al Moussewa

Andy Fuller
27/12/03 21:19:07

Team englishouse, are staying in the bungalows near the beach at Foum El Oued. What a relief not to have to pitch a tent in the dark!

Andy Fuller
26/12/03 14:13:26

Team englishouse, Team Sahara Dream, arrived at Agadir campsite, a pleasant sunny place to be ... and not far from the beach!

Andy Fuller
26/12/03 10:59:20

Team englishouse, or one half of it at least, is presently rueing the missed sponsorship opportunity of Preparation H such are the size of the potholes.

Andy Fuller
24/12/03 18:03:21

Team englishouse, Team DB, have arrived in Marrakech. Happy Christmas to all the German supporters (who celebrate on the 24th)

Andy Fuller
23/12/03 22:42:00

Team englishouse, made it to Sale by Rabat earlier this evening having had a most eye opening day! All to be revealed once we find an internet cafe!

Andy Fuller
23/12/03 10:56:17

Team englishouse, The Clueless Racers, are presently being escorted away from a place we shouldn't have been by some thankfully friendly military types. Good map Julian!

Kerstin Brand
23/12/03 10:54:10

Bit of female charm comes in handy once again... getting police escort out of Ceuta to border. Team englishouse, in tow. The Clueless Racers,

Robert Brown
23/12/03 09:09:59

The Clueless Racers, Team englishouse, Kiwi Cavaliers, + the rest all on a very wobbly ferry to cueta.

Andy Fuller
21/12/03 11:24:02

Team englishouse, have successfully made it to Sotogrande.

Andy Fuller
21/12/03 07:28:15

Team englishouse, have,rather foolishly,just completed a mammoth 23hr stint behind the wheel and are now entering Malaga.Their breath cannot be described.

Andy Fuller
20/12/03 23:30:55

Team englishouse, are pleased to reassure those concerned that the car has made it out of Surrey, indeed it is now hurtling towards Cordoba!

Andy Fuller
19/12/03 23:56:40

Team englishouse, are staying the night 50 miles south of Poitiers. Their Trabant has covered 500 miles today!

all b/w pictures are taken from these two volumes of essential reading. Thanks to Suse for donating them!