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Plymouth to Dakar-2004

plymouth-dakar 2004

the best way to link to the teams that took part in the challenge is to go to the official plymouth-dakar website (click on the link above) and then look under the teams in group one 2004. However to see more photos of our desert group you could click straight on the links below.

the two johns and daphne the lovely 2cv - team db

ellie, adrian and sven the nordic saab - team desert vikings

rob, derek and triumph herald - team michelotti

denise, andrew and merc - team redspider

 2 motorbike riders we met in Senegal who are riding around the world - sadly on BMWs - but a wonderful website

an article by jon - team db

tracy, will and dobbin the blue lada - team wackyrally

cliff, graeham and ford cortina - team michelotti 2

 alexia, durran and volvo - team rust rangers

I've just spotted your picture on the BBC website. I have seen a picture of your car before.  It was thrust at us by a guide at the Morocco/Mauritania border. He had both thumbs up and was shouting 'good car for the desert'. Dominic