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Plymouth to Dakar-2004

The Plymouth to Dakar Challenge is the idea of Julian Nowill. It is a response to the money-and gas-guzzling antics of the Paris to Dakar Rally. Our aim was to raise money for charity by coaxing an unlikely car through inhospitable terrain. The event was first run in December 2002 and the majority of cars made it to the finish! The challenge was shown on British National television and a camera crew accompanied the event this year. Cars should cost no more than €140 (£100) and have no more than €25 spent on their preparation. There are two drivers and due to the event's popularity, there were three groups, totalling about 120 cars, travelling this year. We were in group one, leaving on the 19th December 2003. The finish was a little past Dakar, which we reached in just under three weeks and then travelled to the Gambia, where the cars were auctioned off for charity and the drivers flew home. Every car in our group made it to the finish! For more information, please visit the official website on www.drewsweb or go to:

trudi at the auction in banjul, photo by john alflatt