To see some living sunflowers, click on the dead one above which directs you to english-house, a holiday home in France which can be rented.

Plymouth to Dakar-2004

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"Were all individuals"    thanks to (in no particular order)

the Berlin Bunch:      Constance Beeken, Richard Walker, Erwin Kaltwasser, Michaela Scharf, George and the Hamburg students from Global English, Natalia Clemente, Wolfgang Klemm, Ulrike Eisholz, Miriam Marceaux and Antje Hollschewski especially.And all the guests and sponsors at Trudi's farewell party in Berlin - you were smashing (literally! - the toilet door will never be the same) 

and thanks to the British Bunch: Karen, Dave, Eleanor, Grace and Kate Newman, Louise Ovett, Lenny 'the Loins', Bob the Builder, Di (Richmond Arms- team englishouse's H.Q.), Dr Phil Harding, Liz, Dai, John, Glyn, Gareth and Louisa Reynolds, Bob Thompson, Christina LakeLee, Jonathan and Nicholas Gibbs, Mike Latham, Agnes Buist, Kathy, David, Josh, Joe, Jake and Isaac Lewis, Rachel, Steven, and Eleanor Bampfylde, Paul and Claire Fuller, Graeme Bal, Ticia Bonaventura, Sally, Nick, Hannah and Becky Grammel, Valerie, David, Sophie and Russell Garrett, Jane, Martin, Katie and Bruce Sigrist, Duncan and Liza Robertson-Ludovici, Candida Stephens, Suzanne Bridcut, Mary and  Richard Stephens, Elizabeth Stephens, Jeannie Stephens, Jeremy Stephens, Anymore Stephens, Elizabeth Heeles, Aleyn and Rob Cain, Ian Alexander, Matthew and Julie Vine, Margaret Vine, Mrs K Slade, Audrey Gowlland, Karen, Andy, Hayley and Joanna Miller, Ann Welch, Simons Mum and Dad and everyone else who we dont know by name but has been wonderful - thanks so much! Sob, sob!