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Plymouth to Dakar-2004


Click on this link to see her with a few Trabi friends in a photo gallery entitled Trabants around the world. Fame and fortune beckons!

The 3 photos are from the Berlin press. Click on them to read the stories in German.

Classic & Sports Car January 2004 issue

 the following 4 pages are from Classic & Sports Car May 2004 issue

Auto Bild - issue 51/52 17.Dec 2004

The title is Race of the year - from the scrapyard to Dakar


This is the title page of a six-page article which came out in Oldtimer Markt - Europes largest classic car magazine - in February 2005. The article was written by Annette Juresch, who interviewed me at length and contains 21 photos of Trudi and the other cars in action, mostly taken by myself.

Press Release from the Phyllis Tuckwell Hopice - 6 October 2003


Godalming teacher Andy Fuller and Berlin teacher Simon Banwell are taking part in the Plymouth to Dakar (Gambia) Challenge, starting 19 December 2003.  The aim of the Raleigh is to coax an unlikely car through inhospitable terrain all in aid of charity.  Cars have to cost no more than £100 and have no more than £25 spent on their preparation. Forty cars will be taking part and aim to reach Gambia in three weeks where they will be auctioned with the drivers flying home. 

Andy and Simon have chosen Trudi, a Trabant 601, who was built in the eighties and comes in a desert-friendly shade of pink! Not only will Trudi be travelling to Africa, she first needs to make the journey from Berlin to Godalming to pick Andy up and do a fundraising tour of the local area – covering 1,500km before the event even starts!  Andy has decided to nominate the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice as his charity to benefit.

 Local companies are being offered the chance to sponsor and brand Trudi.  Many have already signed up.  Last year the event was televised on national television and there are plans to film this years event.  Anyone wishing to become an official sponsor can contact Andy or Simon on .

Andy Fuller: I feel very confident that Trudi is going to make it – in fact the only real modification we plan to make is to fit a better stereo!  We have been bowled over the by the generous support of our local community but there are still opportunities for official sponsors – companies and individuals.  The more sponsorship we get the more we can help the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice to care for local people facing the end of their life and those that love them.  My mother was in the Hospice so I know just how important this specialist care is.   

Emma Appleyard, Fundraiser, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice:  We are absolutely delighted that Andy and Simon have chosen us to benefit from their exciting adventure and would like to wish them and Trudi lots of luck!  The Hospice has been caring for people in West Surrey and North Hampshire for nearly twenty-five years. 1 in 6 of the people we help are from around Guildford and Godalming.  We receive very little government funding and rely almost entirely on the generosity and support of people like Andy and Simon in order to provide our vital care. 

  • Details about Andy and Simons challenge can be found on their website including visuals and a map
  • Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, offers specialist care to those facing the end of their life and to those who love them. In patient care is offered alongside outpatient services, home support, day care and bereavement counselling. 1 in 6 people cared for at the Hospice are from the Guildford and Godalming area - we are the Hospice caring for adults with a life-limiting illness such as cancer living in your readership area. We receive very little government funding and rely almost entirely on the support and generosity of the local community to provide our vital care. It costs £3.5 million a year – thats £8,000 a day and £6 a minute just to keep the Hospice running.  2004 sees the Hospice celebrating its Silver Jubilee.