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 Berlin - Beirut - BSA

I'm sitting at my computer and thinking about something that is going to take place in over a year's time! So please bear in mind that a lot of the route is very provisional and will be developed the more I find out about the places I am travelling through.

The basic plan is to head from Berlin to Beirut via Eastern Russia but at the time of writing, the Lebanon is not the safest place on earth. This can change very quickly though, so Beirut is still the planned finishing point. .

This page shows small maps of the countries to be travelled through. For more detailed maps please click on this link, thanks.

If anyone has information that might help me in planning a route - places that must be seen, places that should be avoided, vegan restaurants enroute etc, then please mail me using the link here. If anyone has ideas about how to transport me and the bike back from Beirut quickly, please get in touch! Any advice would be much appreciated

The planned route is from Berlin into the Czech Republic, then through Slovakia into Hungary. Next into Romania and through Modavia to the Ukraine

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From the Ukraine it is then on into Russia, down to Georgia and Armenia before heading into Turkey and yet another map.

And then I will travel down through Turkey into Syria and then into the Lebanon, ending up at the port of Beirut. Somewhere I will catch a ferry to Cyprus and then back up towards home, via Izmir and Venice. It all seems so easy on paper!

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