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 Berlin - Beirut - Beyond - Back - BSA

I decided to do this trip firstly as a challenge to myself and then the bike and also to raise money for charity. I chose MAG a long time ago, after doing the Plymouth to Dakar rally and meeting the two Johns who were raising money for MAG. The charity campaigns to abolish the use of land mines and to rid countries and war zones of mines that have been laid. After looking more closely at their website, it transpired that not only is their headquarters in Manchester (the city I was next due to travel to) but furthermore, they have a campaign in the Lebanon, so everything started coming together.


Because MAG can explain far better than I can, please click on this link to go to their homepage or on this link to go straight to their campaign in the Lebanon.


And even better, rather than just reading about MAG, donate to them. If you live in the UK, you can do this directly using this link. If you live elsewhere in the Euro zone, then you can donate via this link.