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 Berlin - Beirut - Beyond - Back - BSA

This website is being updated whenever I have time or whenever there are developments, but the idea is that I'll be travelling from Berlin in Germany via a lot of Eastern Europe, down to Beirut in the Lebanon in the summer of 2010, when the bike will be 70 YEARS OLD, raising money for MAG, a charity campaigning against land mines. Then I have to come home somehow and hopefully, well both still be fit, so I can ride along the North African coast and back via Italy.  That's the short version, but for a lot more detail just click on the various headings in the menu on the left, and meanwhile, enjoy a picture of the beautiful bike - a B.S.A W20, born in 1940. SORRY but at the moment the site is in English only.

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photo by Adrian at Pembrokeshire Classics